Vincent et Van Gogh by Gradimir Smudja
Vincent et Van Gogh

Gradimir Smudja was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in 1954. He left his home country in 1982 because he wasn't happy with the regime of the time. He worked at a gallery in Switzerland for a while, before moving to Italy, where he produced his 'Vincent & Van Gogh' comic album, that was published by Delcourt in 2003. In this homage to the famous Dutch painter, Smudja showed a great talent for imitating Van Gogh's style. A second book was published in 2010.

Le Bordel des Muses by Gradimir Smudja
Le Bordel des Muses - Moulin Rouge

Smudja earned much acclaim for his 2004 series 'Le Bordel des Muses' about the French painter Toulouse-Lautrec, which has been translated and published in Dutch, Spanish, German, Hungarian and Italian. New books are published under the title 'Le Cabaret des Muses' through Delcourt since 2005.

Bob Dylan Revisited by Gradimir Smudja
Bob Dylan Revisisted

In 2009 Smudja participated in the book 'Bob Dylan Revisited', an homage to Dylan with lyrics in comics format by Smudja, Lorenzo Mattotti, Francois Avril, Dave McKean and several other artists. He deals with art in general (including a variety of painters such as Bruegel, Rubens, El Greco, Rembrandt and Vermeer) in the series 'Au fil de l'art', that he started with his daughter Ivana in 2012.

Au fil de l'art by Gradimir Smudja
Au fil de l'art

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