Frank Cappa, by Manfred Sommer
Frank Cappa

Born in San Sebastien, Manfred Sommer started making comics in the late 1940s. Through Josep Toutain, chief of the Selecciones Illustradas agency, Sommer made several stories for the British market, mainly in the sentimental and war genres. During the same period, he made the series 'El Tigre' for Alberto Geniés. But it wasn't until 1981 that Sommer got his first success. In that year, he published the first episode of his famous series 'Frank Cappa' in the magazine Cimoc. Influenced by Milton Caniff, Frank Robbins and Hugo Pratt, Sommer is the author of one of the most important Spanish realistic series. Manfred Sommer died on 3 October 2007.

La Muerte Roja, by Manfred Sommer (1949)
La Muerte Roja (1949)

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