Algernon Woodcock by Guillaume Sorel
'Algernon Woodcock'.

Born in Cherbourg, Guillaume Sorel studied architecture before enrolling at the School of Applied Arts in Lyon in 1983, and at the Fine Arts school in Paris in 1985. From 1987 on, he made his first professional illustrations for the magazines Casus Belli and Scales, the fanzine Karpath and for roleplaying games by Oriflam and Descartes. He teamed up with Thomas Mosdi to create the Lovecraftian 'L'Île des Morts, his first comic series of which Vents d'Ouest published five books in the collection Gris Feu between 1991 and 1996. Sorel and Mosdi also cooperated on the one-shot album 'Mort à Outrance' for Vents d'Ouest in 1995 and on the diptych 'Amnésia' for Le Téméraire in 1998-1999.

comic art by Guillaume Sorel
'L'Île des Morts'.

In his collaboration with writer Mathieu Gallié, he drew inspiration from 19th century fantasy literature and Hammer films for the one-shot 'Le Fils du Grimacier' (Vents d'Ouest, 1995) and the series 'Algernon Woodcock' as well as its spin-off 'Contes des Hautes Terres' (Delcourt, since 2002). In between these projects, Sorel worked with François Froideval on the fantasy trilogy 'Mens Magna' for Soleil Productions.

Les Derniers Jours de Stefan Zweig by Gaullaume Sorel
'Les Derniers Jours de Stefan Zweig'.

Guillaume Sorel established himself as an allround author in 2000 with the publication of the vampire story 'Mother' by Casterman. Casterman also published his one-shot 'Mâle de Mer', a story in cooperation with Lætitia Villemin, in 2009, his adaptation of Laurent Seksik's novel 'Les Derniers Jours de Stefan Zweig' in 2012, and his second solo project 'Hôtel Particulier' in 2013. Apart from his comic book activities, Guillaume Sorel is also an illustrator for fantasy books.

Hotel Particulier by Guillaume Sorel
'Hôtel Particulier'.


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