Handjar le Justicier, by Jacques Souriau
Handjar le Justicier

Jacques Souriau was born in Vendôme as the son of a philosopher. He studied law at the faculty in Nancy and at the same time he took courses in Fine Arts. At age twenty, Souriau started illustrating for the publishing house Masson.

TempĂȘte sur le Bengale by Jacques Souriau
Tempête sur le Bengale (text Frank Murray, L'Intrepide 19-1-1949)

In the interbellum, he worked mainly as an illustrator of books for publishers like Hachette, Delagrave, Hattier and several magazines. In 1938 he got married to a Romanian journalist, who also contributed to his oeuvre as his scenarist. At this point, Souriau made his first comics (for Opera Mundi and Montsouris), published in magazines like Pierrot and Lisette.

Jean et Jeanette, by Jacques Souriau
Jean et Jeanette

After being an officer in World War II, he returned to the comics profession. For Vaillant magazine he illustrated the series 'Jean et Jeanette' in the 1950s, which was later continued by René Deynis.

Handjar le Justicier, by Jacques Souriau
Handjar le Justicier

From 1952 to 1953 he illustrated the 'Handjar le Justicier' series in L'Intrépidé. By 1954 he was briefly present at Artima publishers with some 'Tom Tempest' stories published in Red Canyon. Jacques Souriau died in the late 1950s.

Tom Tempest by Jacques Souriau
Tom Tempest (Red Canyon #9, November 1954)

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