Gennarino Tarantella by Carlo Squillante
Gennarino Tarantella (1976)

Carlo Squillante was born in Naples in 1941. He moved to Milan in 1967, where he worked as marketing manager and creative director for advertising agencies. He began his career as a humorous writer and artist with the satirical weekly Il Travaso, and in educational periodicals like Gialli, Urania, Tuttomare and Il Pungolo. For the magazine Il Corriere dei Piccoli, he created the comic series 'Gennarino Tarantella', 'Scarabocchio' and 'Forbiciotto'.

Scarabocchio by Carlo Squillante

In 1975 he published the cartoon book 'Playmanager', in which he mocked the US management style. Starting in 1981, he cartoon character was also published in Espansione, the financial monthly of publisher Mondadori.

Forbiciotto by Carlo Squillante

From 1987 onwards, his work has appeared in magazines like Milo, Smemoranda, La Settimana enigmistica, Topolino, Il Corriere della sera, La Repubblica, Il Sole 24 ore, Mondo Economico, Fotografare, Pubblicità Domani, Lo Sbadiglio, Rivista di Alzheimer, Errepì di Radio Popolare, Penne and Calumet. His work has been collected in several books.

Kilo e Watt by Carlo Squillante
Kilo e Watt, a newspaper comic

In 1997 he founded the ANU (Associazione Nazionale Umoristi), a national association for artists and writers in the homorous genre. Squillante has additionally done art for a lot of advertising campaigns, including for companies like Philips, Gillette, Nestlé, Kellogg's, Fiat, Waterman, Bayer, Paper Mate, Quacker, Schweppes, RasBank, Campari, Kraft and Fisher Price.

La Storiella by Carlo Squillante
La Storiella (a comic for Milo)

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