Dikan by Lazo Sredanovic

Lazo Sredanović is a Serbian comic artist and illustrator, known for creating 'Dikan', a comic that can be considered the Yugoslav 'Astérix'. Sredanovic was a graduate from the Belgrade Academy of Applied Arts, and originally worked as a cartoonist and illustrator for Ferijalac, the magazine of the Youth Association of Yugoslavia. He also made many illustrations for children's picture books.

He was hired by the weekly Politikin Zabavnik to draw a local comic, based on national history. Based on a concept by Nikola Lekić, the adventures of the early Slavic scout Dikan made its debut on 19 April 1969. Sredanovic has worked with several writers on the stories throughout the years, but the most recent ones (from 2004, 2009 and 2014) were written by the artist himself. He is nowadays mostly active as a graphic designer and illustrator for (children's) books and magazines. His wife Milanka (1942-2011) was a painter and prominent Yugoslav fashion designer.

Dikan by Lazo Sredanovic


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