For Whoop-Up by Claude St-Aubin
Fort Whoop-Up

Jean-Claude St. Aubin started working in comics in 1976. He was the main colorist for the 'Captain Canuck' comic. He also did inks, as well as some back-up stories like 'Chaos Corps' and 'Beyond'. Since 1981, he has worked as a penciller and inker for US companies like Marvel, DC, Topps, Acclaim/Valiant and Crusade. Among his credits are 'Magnus Robot Fighter', 'The Frankenstein/Dracula War', 'Aquaman', 'X-Files' and 'Green Lantern'. At WildStorm Comics in 2001, he did the inking for the 'Voyager Planet Killer' mini-series, which was penciled by Robert Teranishi. He has worked with Pete Brouwer on 'The March On Fort Whoop-Up', a comic book depicting the formation of the North-West Mounted Police.

Beyond, by Jean-Claude St. Aubin

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