Comic by Bob Staake
Comic strip by Bob Staake. 

Bob Staake is an American cartoonist and humorous illustrator, based in Chatham, Massachusetts. Originally from Los Angeles, he has worked for clients like The New Yorker, Cartoon Network, the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, DC Comics and Fantagraphics. He has been a regular contributor to MAD Magazine since 1995, and is the author/illustrator of a great many picture books since 1998. His 2006 book 'The Red Lemon' was named by The New York Times as one of the ten best illustrated children's books of that year. Among his other notable books are 'Look! A Book!' (2010), 'The Donut Chef' (2008), 'The Orb of Chatham' (2005), 'Hello, Robots!' (2004), and his reinterpretation of the 19th-century Heinrich Hoffmann cult classic 'Der Struwwelpeter'.

Bob Staake was a strong influence on Barbara Dale.

Cartoon by Bob Staake
Style Invitational (4 July 2013).

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