Vito by Jean-Marc Stalner

Éric Stalner was born and raised in Paris. Together with his brother Jean-Marc Stalner, he was turned down from Art Academy. Far from discouraged, the brothers became successful self-taught artists, beginning there careers cooperating on several illustration assignments in the 1980s. In 1987, they met Christian Mouquet, who wrote the scripts of their series 'Les Poux', which was published by Glénat in the following years.

comic art by Eric Stalner

Keeping their real names a secret, they published this series under the pseudonyms of A. and M. Stalner. In 1990, working from a scenario by Daniel Bardet, they created 'Le Boche'. They wrote their own scripts for 'Fabien M' (1993-1996) and 'Malheig' (1996-1998). Again with Bardet, they produced 'Nordman, les Vikings en Normandie' in 1996. Their final collective work was the series 'Le Fer et le Feu', which started in 1996 and was finished by Éric on his own in 2001.

Le Fer et le Feu by Eric Stalner
Le Fer et le Feu

Since 1998, Éric and Jean-Marc Stalner have worked separately. Éric began working on the series 'Roman de Malemort' for the publisher Glénat from 1999 to 2004, and contributed to the second book of Didier Convard's collective series 'Le Triangle Secret'. In 2004, he created the diptych 'Blues 46' together with writer Laurent Moënard at Dargaud. A year later, he produced the one-shot 'Ange Marie' in cooperation with the debuting scriptwriter Aude Ettori in the collection Aire Libre of the publishing house Dupuis.

LA Croix de Cazenac, by Eric Stalner
La Croix de Cazenac

In addition to his mainstream work, Éric Stalner has made a couple of experimental comics for some small publishers, including 'Hera' (Imbroglio, 2002) and 'À la Recherche de Blance' (BD Empher-Fordis, 2003). Between 2001 and 2008, he made the series 'La Croix de Cazenac' with scriptwriter Pierre Boisserie for Dargaud. He also co-wrote 'Voyageur' and 'Flor de Luna' with Boisserie for Glénat since 2007, while producing the artwork of the latter series together with Éric Lambert.

Le Roman de Malemort

As an allround author, Stalner created the thriller series 'La Liste 66' for Dargaud in 2006, and joined Éditions 12bis in 2009 to start the historical series 'Ils étaient dix'. This was followed by 'La Zone' in 2010 and 'Vito' in 2013, both for Glénat. He also teamed up with his brother again to create 'L'Or sous la Neige' for 12bis in 2011.

Voyageur by Eric Stalner

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