The Shadow and the Mysterious 3
'The Shadow and the Mysterious #3'.

Stanislas Manoukian and Vincent Roucher are two French comic authors, who are known for their collective oeuvre as Stan & Vince. Their best known series is the science fiction saga 'Vortex' (1993-2003).

Early life and career
Both artists were born in Paris in 1969; Vince in August and Stan in October. They enrolled at the Estienne art school in 1985, where they quickly joined forces. The duo started working together after their graduation in 1988, doing designs for the press, concept and character design for animation projects and animated films. Among their creations were the designs for the characters and backgrounds of the puppet series 'Les Bestioles'.

Vortex - 'Campbell, Voyageur du Temps', drawn by Stan (1993).

Their first comic books were solo efforts, however. Stan produced the fantasy album 'Parasite' at Zenda in 1992, while Vince created 'Eden' for the same publisher at the same time.

Their first joint comics project was a remarkable one. Each story of the science fiction series 'Vortex' (Delcourt, 1993-2003) was told twice: once from the perspective of character Campbell (drawn by Stan) and once from that of Tess Wood (drawn by Vince). The series about the hunt for time traveling Nazis is full of tributes and references to the American comic books and pulp magazines of the 1930s and 1940s.

Putain de télé!
Stan and Vince's passion for American pop culture was also evident in their parody comic album 'Putain de télé!', which was published by Albin Michel in 1995.

Vortex by Vince
Vortex - 'Tess Wood, Prisonnière du Futur', drawn by Vince (1993).

Working from their Parisian studio, Stan and Vince contributed stories to magazines like L'Echo des Savanes, Spirou and Fluide Glacial, while continuing to work on commercial projects.

Dark Horse Comics
Their work was picked up by Dark Horse Comics in the United States, who assigned them to draw 'The Shadow and the Mysterious 3' (1994), a graphic novel starring the 1930s pulp novel hero, written by Mike Kaluta and Joel Goss. This was followed by the crossover 'The Shadow and Doc Savage' (two issues, 1995) with Steve Vance, and a run on 'Tarzan' with Lovern Kindzierski in 1996. They also provided artwork for 'The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine' (based on Dave Stevens' classic comic book hero) and covers for 'Star Wars' and 'Ghost'.

'Les Chronokids' (2008).

Work in the 2000s
Their work in France continued with a couple of collaborations with French comedian and film director Benoît Deléphine, such as the science fiction comics 'L'Imploseur' (Albin Michel, 2000), 'La Bombe' (Albin Michel, 2001) and 'Godkiller' (Albin Michel, 2005). An art book of their work called 'Time Capsule' was published by Delcourt in 2006, with a foreword by Lewis Trondheim. The book reveals their inspirations (cartoons, cinema, animation, advertising, science fiction) and show their talent and fantasy. Stan and Vince then teamed up with Swiss comics legend Zep for the creation of 'Les Chronokids' (Glénat, 2008-2014), a children's comic about two time travelling kids.

Now Future by Stan & Vince
'Now Future' (2016).

Work in the 2010s
Stan and Vince have furthermore participated in the series 'L'Atelier Mastodonte', a collective comic series about a fictional comics atelier (Dupuis, 2013-2014). They returned to science fiction for 'Metalfer' (Dargaud, 2013) and 'Now Future' (Glénat, 2016), the latter being another collaboration with Benoît Deléphine. Stan's solo book 'Diary of Inhuman Species' (Ankama, 2009) presents a travel log of the author's supposed alien abduction, while Vince's solo work include a contribution to the erotic anthology 'Premières fois' (Delcourt, 2008) and the erotic comic 'Esmera' with Zep (Glénat, 2015).

Esmera by Vince
'Esmera', by Vince.

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