Comic Creator Joe Stan

Joe Stan

George Debels, Mac Djorski, Ignace del Bes, Joe

(12 August 1890 - 20 December 1973 , The Netherlands)   Netherlands

Joe  Stan

Loekie Langoor, by Joe Sten

George Ignace Debels was a pioneer in Dutch animation, creating the first Dutch animated movie in 1915/16. Using the name Mac Djorski, he founded his own animation studios in the 1920s. He made advertising films like 'Ko de Koe' for dairy producer Friesche Vlag, and also created the movie 'The March of the Animals' in 1925.

Loekie Langoor, by Joe Sten

George Debels also wrote and drew children's books, such as 'Pepipo's Wonderlijke Reizen' and the text strips 'Pam's Wonderlijke Avonturen', 'Pam bij de Maanapen' and 'Loekie Langoor' in the 1930s and 1940s. For these books he used other pseudonyms like Joe Stan or Joe Sten, most likely derived from his wife's name Johanna Stenacker.

Loekie Langoor, by Joe Sten

Pam bij de Maanapen, by Joe Sten

Pepipo's Wonderlijke Reizen, by Joe StanPam bij de Maanapen, by Joe Stan

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