Prickly City by Scott Stantis
Prickly City (18 January 2015)

Scott Stantis was born in San Diego. He studied at California State University in Long Beach, after which he got a job as an editorial cartoonist at The Orange County Register. He created the newspaper strip 'Sydney', which only ran for a short time. For The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee, he launched the strip 'The Buckets', which had more success. It has been syndicated to more than 100 newspapers around the world.

The Buckets by Scott Stantis
The Buckets (28 December 2000)

In 2005, Stantis began 'Prickly City', a politically oriented comic-strip about a girl and her coyote. He left 'The Buckets' at this time, which is now continued solely by Stantis' former assistant Greg Cravens. United Feature Syndicate distributes 'Prickly City' since 2009. In that same year, Stantis was hired as editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune. Previously, Stantis had been a cartoonist with The Birmingham News, The Commercial Appeal, The Arizona Republic and the Grand Rapids Press. Apart from working on his strips and cartoons, Scott Stantis is a writer, animator, father and collector of political memorabilia.

The Buckets, by Scott Stantis

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