Binnitou Billy, by Pax Steen

Pax Steen is a Dutch illustrator, who is also known to have made several newspaper comics. 'Klompertje Klomp, een echte Hollandsche Jongen' was published in the newspapers of the Provinciale Pers in 1940 and 1941 (about 300 episodes). In 1945 'Klompertje's Dolle Avonturen' was published in book form. It was completely rewritten by his wife Sue Steen in 1977 as an illustrated story. Steen has illustrated for the publishing house Kluitman in Alkmaar.

Klompertje Klomp, by Pax Steen (1941)

Other comics, such as 'Binnitou Billy' and 'Nico Nijn' appeared in the Dutch comic magazine Doe Mee between 1940 and 1942. For Kompas, he made 'Foppertje Vos' (1942).

Nico Nijn, by Pax Steen (1942)

Another picture story by Steen was the NSB propaganda tale 'Bubbeltje en Knor', published in book form in 1943. A year earlier, a comic with those characters appeared in the Limburger Koerier, signed J.J. Hessel.

Bubbeltje en Knor, by Pax Steen
Bubbeltje en Knor - Het Geheime Document, by Pax Steen (1943).

Comic from Doe Mee, by Pax SteenComic from Doe Mee, by Pax Steen

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