Pogo, by Neal Sternecky

Neal Sternecky was the artist of the revived 'Pogo' newspaper comic in 1989. The strip had disappeared from the newspapers in 1975, but Walt Kelly's family and the Los Angeles Syndicate decided to continue the comic in 1989. Sternecky drew the strip until March 1992 with text by Larry Doyle in about 300 newspapers. In the mid-1990s, he became one of the main artists of the 'Animaniacs' comics series. He has also illustrated some 'Looney Tunes' stories.

Pogo, by Neal Sternecky (1991)

Neal Sternecky has also worked in animation. He has done storyboards for 'Tiny Toons' and 'Animaniacs', and he has worked as an animator on 'Pinky and the Brain'.

Pogo, by Neal Sternecky (1991)

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