Sadhu, by Alec Stevens

Alec Stevens was born in Salvador, Brazil. He got his art training from the Art Institute, the Joe Kubert School, the Art Students League and the Don Stacy Studio. Alec Stevens started his career in comics in 1985, at the age of twenty, when he adapted the Oscar Wilde story 'The Sphinx Without a Secret' in comic form. Other adaptations followed and were published by Fantagraphics. In 1988, he created his first own graphic novel at Piranha Press, 'The Sinners', soon followed by 'Hardcore'.

Glory to God, by Alec Stevens

After finishing this haunting work, Alec Stevens experienced several set-backs, eventually ending up in hospital. He went through a spiritual rebirth, embracing the Christian faith. His next titles, 'The Onion' and 'Silence', reflect much of this big change in his life. Alec Stevens took up teaching at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in 1992. He met Neil Gaiman a year later, who asked him to draw for the 'Sandman' series. He has done many illustrations and comic stories since, both secular and Christian, such as the series 'Glory to God'.

Glory to God, by Alec Stevens

Weird, by Alec Stevens (1998)

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