The Tick: Luny Bin
The Tick: Luny Bin (1997)

Eli Stone is an American illustrator and designer. He was born Eli Jared Gerber, but he changed his name to Eli Jared Gerber 5 Stone, adding his mother's maiden name and his lucky number. He grew up with a desire to become either illustrator or architect. After a couple of retail jobs and some travelling, he made his first comic book, simply called 'The Comic'. The book starred the author himself in athartically happy situations, and served as an effort for Stone to cope with the panic disorder he had been suffering from for a while.

He became known in the comic book field when he started working on titles around 'The Tick', the small press comic started by Ben Edlund in the 1980s for New England Comics. Stone was mainly responsible for the series 'The Tick: Big Blue Destiny' and the 'Lune Bin Trilogy'. Stone has furthermore worked as an illustrator for clients like Boston's Weekly Dig, Atria Books, Cartoon Network and Bantam Press, and doing promotional artwork for films and video games.

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