Bobby Thatcher, by George Storm 1932

Around 1922, George Storm was on the staff of the San Francisco Daily News. He started his first newspaper strip, 'Phil Hardy', in 1925. Written by Edwin Alger Jr. (pseudonym of Jay Jerome Williams), it lasted only eleven months. Storm subsequently did 'Ben Webster's Career' for the Bell Syndicate in 1925-26 and then went on to create his own successful comic, 'Bobby Thatcher', about a 15-year-old adventurer. This strip, syndicated by McClure, ran until 1937.

The Adventures of Patsy by Mel Graff
The Adventures of Patsy (7/12/1942)

In the 1940s, he turned to comic book art. The worked on National/DC's 'The Whip', and did titles like 'Buck Burke', 'Flying Trio' and 'Scoop Hanlon' for Holyoke Publications. He was one of the early artists of 'Bugs Bunny' stories for Dell Publications in 1941-42.

Bobby Thatcher, by George Storm

Afterwards, he did 'Colonel Porterhouse' for Fawcett in 1942-43, and then returned to newspaper art with 'The Adventures of Patsy' (1943-44). In addition, he remained active for DC throughout most of the 1940s with features like 'Penniless Palmer' and 'Buzzy'.

Bobby Thatcher, by George Storm

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