Forbidden Worlds, by Lin Streeter
The Mists of Midnight (Forbidden Worlds #2, 1951)

Lin Streeter contributed to several American comic book publications of the 1940s and 1950s. In 1941, Streeter worked on 'Pat Patriot, America's Joan of Arc', a female heroine that appeared in Daredevil Comics. Working through the Chesler Studio at one point, Streeter also drew Archie features like 'Danny in Wonderland' and 'Zambini the Miracle Man'. Other credits include 'Commando Cubs', 'Miss Masque' and 'Phantom Detective' for Better Publications and contributions to Gilberton's Classics Illustrated series (Frank Buck's 'Fang and Claw') as well as Classics Illustrated Jr. Streeter was also present in ACG mystery and romance titles like Adventures into the Unknown, Forbidden Worlds and Romantic Adventures and in the daily press with newspaper comics like 'Gripes and Grins' (1945) and 'Sergeant Stony Craig' (Bell Syndicate, 1946).

Fang and Claw, by Lin Streeter

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