for Herman Hedning, by Lew Stringer

In the 1980s, Lew Stringer was freelancing for Marvel UK, producing popular back-up strips for several of their weeklies. 'Captain Wally' and 'Snail-Man' appeared in 'Spider-Man', and 'Robo Capers' featured in 'Transformers'. Stringer was commissioned to create a character for the new Marvel 'Action Force' title. Lew decided to create a spoof wannabe war hero. Combat Colin, a military nut who still lived with his mum, made his debut in issue 5 of 'Action Force'. In issue 12, Colin acquired a sidekick, Semi-Automatic Steve. Stringer frequently works as an artist on Viz, and also produces a strip for the Swedish comic, 'Herman Hedning'. He has drawn strips for the 1999 'Beano Summer Special' and often draws some of the 'Beano Fun Books'.

The first 'Combat Colin' strip. by Lew Stringer

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