Rites of Spring, by Arthur Suydam
'Rites Of Spring'. 

Arthur Suydam burst onto the scene in the 1970s by infusing sequential art with classical painting. His extraordinary work helped revolutionize the industry and began the comic art renaissance of the 1980's, opening doors for mainstream writers and artists to create literature for a more mature readership. He cooperated on Heavy Metal magazine and he was one of the first artists of Penthouse Comix. In addition to his creator-owned works, like 'Wind in the Willows', 'Cholly and Flytrap', 'Libby in the Lost World' and 'Mudwogs', Suydam has contributed scripts and artwork to countless comics publications including House of Secrets, Batman, Conan, Tarzan, Predator, Aliens, Death Dealer, Epic Illustrated and National Lampoon, to name only a few, and has worked for companies like Marvel, DC Comics, Image, Last Gasp, Vanguard Productions and Eva Ink.

Libby, by Arthur Suydam

Surrounded by creative aunts and uncles of Dutch and Blackfoot heritage, the young writer and artist had ample role models. Arthur's great uncle, James Augustus Suydam, was a renowned Hudson River painter who, along with Thomas Cole and Frederick Church, pioneered recognition for American artists internationally. His great uncle Edward Henry Suydam is celebrated as one of America's finest architectural artists. His drawings hang in the White House and The Museum of New York. Though self-taught, some regard the young inheritor of this creative legacy to be indirectly linked to Norman Rockwell, through a collection of lessons passed on to him from John Suydam, who studied with Rockwell privately.

Cholly n Flytrap, by Arthur Suydam
'Cholly 'n' Flytrap'. 

In his early years, Arthur Suydam's life took many artistic paths. At age fourteen, he was already an award-winning writer, artist and musician, performing professionally in his native New Jersey. By age eighteen, Arthur was a tournament-caliber tennis player with a thriving career internationally as a writer and illustrator for some of the world's most prestigious publishers of illustrated fiction. In 1981, following Bill Haley's tragic death, The Comets reorganized and hired Suydam as musical director for their American-Canadian tour. This was followed by a stint with Tony Williams and the Platters, where he was discovered by film producer Bill Delia, who hired him to musically direct, compose and perform music for Pulitzer and Oscar-winning writer Thomas Berger's film, 'The Feud' - a project on which Suydam organized his rhythm section with musicians from Springsteen, Wings, Joe Cocker, Elton John, Billy Joel and the Rolling Stones, among others.

Death Dealer, by Arthur Suydam
'Death Dealer'.

Suydam's influences are wide ranging, from Gilbert Shelton and R. Crumb to Frank Frazetta and Norman Rockwell. In fact, he has often been described as a cross between an underground artist and Renaissance painter. Suydam has managed to create a very personal and many sided style throughout the years, and his credits run from children's illustrations to the brutal 'Death Dealer'.

Mudwogs, by Arthur Suydam

Suydam has illustrated Jack Oleck's 'Satan's Child' (1978), 'The Rites of Spring' (1982), Mark Davies' 'Brer Rabbit' adaptation (1988) and John Albano's 'Batman in The Six Deadly Demons' (1992). He has won a great many awards throughout his career, for example the Artist Guest of Honor Award from Dragon Con, and Lifetime Achievement Awards (2005) from the University of Maryland and the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain.

comic story from Epic Comics, by Arthur Suydam
'The Adventures of Cholly and Flytrap' (Epic book four, 1992).

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