Alois Nebel by Jaromir 99
Alois Nebel

Jaromír Švejdík is a Czech artist, singer, songwriter and guitarist, who is also known as Jaromír 99. Before joining the army, he founded the 1980s punk band Chlapi z práce ("Guys From Work"). He is the frontman and primary songwriter of the rockbad Priessnitz since 1989. He has also performed with Jaromir 99 & the Bombers for a soundtrack to his comic 'Bomber'.

The Castle by Jaromir 99
The Castle

Between 2005 and 2008, he worked with writer Jaroslav Rudiš on the dark graphic novel 'Alois Nebel', about a traumatized and plagued stationmaster in the remote Czech-Polish border region. An animated film based on the book won the European Film Award in 2012. Rudiš and Švejdík also toured with a musical show around 'Alois Nebel'. They later formed the Kafka Band, that uses projections the comic adaptation of Franz Kafka's 1922 novel 'The Castle' ('Das Schloss'), that Svejdik made with David Zane Mairowitz. Jaromír Svejdík is part fo the Prague Stuckism art movement.

Bomber by Jaromir 99

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