Worlcombe Mystery by Gyorgy Szitas
Worlcombe Mystery

György Szitás was a Hungarian comic book artist, born on 5 April 1926 in Szarvas as György Szloszjár. Szloszjár changed his name to Szitás in 1954. He gained admission to the Hungarian College of Arts and Crafts in 1948, from where was removed after his first semester due to false accusations.

The Day of an American Journalist in 2889 by Gyorgy Szitas
The Day of an American Journalist in 2889 (Jules Verne)

In 1951 he began working for Ifjúsági Lapkiadó Vállalat. His first illustration was published in Pajtás on 15 March 1951. Commissioned by Pajtás, he produced his first comic book story titled 'The adventures of the Explorer patrol' in the same year, based on a script by Péter Teknos. This is a fine example of comics with captions (without balloons), although the artist's unconventional graphic design is already present.

Self portrait by Gyorgy Szitas

In spite of the fact that he was a self-taught artist, his characteristic and sophisticated style is evident both in his early and later works. Szitás had an intuition of the potentials of science fiction and he could make use of it.

Rocambole by György Szitas

In 1957 he conjured up Agades on the pages of Tábortuz, while in 1970, Füles presented a Captain Pirx-story, Stanislaw Lem's 'Worlcombe Mystery', adapted by Szítás.

Rocambole by Gyorgy Szitas

In 1968, he scripted and drew 'Rocambole', based on Ponson du Terrail's classic pulp series. Alike many Hungarian illustrators of the period, Szitás too adapted mainly classic literary works. He retired from Ifjúsági és Lapkiadó Vállalat, his first and only workplace. Szitás had been a member of MÚSZ, the Society of Hungarian Journalists from 1976 to his death in February 2000.

György Szitás

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