Paytime at Pilote, by Pierre Tabary
The artists of Pilote receiving their wages (Pilote #644 of 9 March 1972).

Pierre Tabary was a French comic artist, painter and illustrator, also known under his pen name Peter Glay. He drew the daily newspaper comic 'Fantômas' (1957-1958), based on the crime novel series 'Fantômas'. In Pilote magazine, he made several editorial illustrations, and additionally served as a ghost artist for his brother Jean Tabary on the comic series 'Valentin le Vagabond'. Pierre Tabary also made advertising comics for Pepsi and illustrated the mail section in the Disney magazine Le Journal de Mickey.

Early life and career
The brother of the comic artists Jean and Jacques Tabary, little is known about Pierre Tabary's personal background, not even his year of birth. Between November 1957 and March 1958, he drew the daily 'Fantômas' comic strip, syndicated by the Opera Mundi agency to newspapers like Paris-Journal and Le Républicain Lorrain. The stories were adaptations of the first two books of the popular crime novel series 'Fantômas', written by respectively Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre. Between 1958 and 1959 he illustrated the mail section 'Onc' Léon Vous Répond...' and the editorial feature 'Club Mickey' in the Disney comic magazine Journal de Mickey.

'Fantômas' daily strip by Pierre Tabary.

Between 1962 and 1974, Pierre Tabary worked regularly as an illustrator for Pilote magazine. Under the pseudonym Peter Glay, he illustrated short stories, magazine covers and the section 'Musée Pilote'. He enjoyed parodying famous gouache paintings, imitating the lavish style of old-fashioned canvases. Most of his paintings, however, were inspired by current events and typically appeared in the news section, where columnists discussed that week's trending topics. In 1984, he contributed his final cover to Pilote.

'L'Alchimiste', Valentin le Vagebond story ghosted by Pierre Tabary (Pilote #530, 1 January 1970).

Valentin Le Vagabond
In 1969, Pierre Tabary filled in for his brother Jean on the comic series about the poetic tramp 'Valentin Le Vagabond'. Jean Tabary had begun working with the scriptwriter Fred on the story 'La Alchimiste', but the two comic legends didn't get along. Creative differences made Jean Tabary give up drawing after fifteen pages, after which Pierre Tabary ghosted the rest of the story.

Graphic contributions
In 1963, Pierre Tabary created a series of advertising comics for Pepsi-Cola, printed in the French edition of Tintin magazine. In 1964, he painted the cover of 'Les Comancheros', a western novel based on the film of the same name, published in the 'Série Cinéma' series. He also designed the cover of 'Le Voleur de Bagdad' (1964), based on the film 'The Thief of Bagdad'.

Family connections
Pierre Tabary was the uncle of Nicolas Tabary.

Cover painting for Pilote 716
Cover painting for Pilote #716.

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