Norakuro, by Suihô Tagawa 1938

Suihô Tagawa started his career in 1925. In 1931, he created the series 'Norakuro', about an orphan dog in military service, fighting against the pigs (which represented the Chinese) for Shônen Kurabu magazine. The series, which became a mascot for the fighting troops in Manchuria, ran until 1941, then was restarted after World War II in Maru.

Norakuro, by Suihô Tagawa 1938

A lot of 'Norakuro' merchandise was created and sold, and several adaptations appeared. It was revived in the 1970s in comics and a TV-series, and as part of the 1980s "retro-anime" trend. The series, with its simple dialogue and poetic illustrations, was one of the most successful Japanese comics of the 1930s, and is still being republished.

Suihô Tagawa

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