3x3 Eyes, by Yuzo Takada

Yuzo Takada was born in Tokyo and began his career in 1983 with the short story 'Shûshoku Beginner' in Young Magazine. He was also the assistant of mangaka Fujihoko Osono. His first serial was 'Tokonatsu Bank' (1984-85) and it was followed by 'Tour Conductor, Nikumori' (1985-86), 'Every Day is Sunday' (1987-89), '3x3 Eyes' (1987-2002), 'Toritsuki-kun' (1989-91), 'All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku' (1990, 1997-98), 'Blue Seed' (1992-95), 'Genzou Hitogata Kiwa' (1988-2004), 'Little Jumper' (from 2004) and 'Ultraman - the First' (from 2004).

Genzou Hitogata Kiwa, by Yuzo Takada

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