The Ultimate Weapon, by Shin Takahashi

Shin Takahashi was born and raised on Hokkaidô, the big isle in the north of the Japanese archipelago. Although he always had the desire of becoming a mangaka, he initially focused on his other passion: athletics. He wanted to take part in a race between Tokyo and Aomori, but only students of the University of Kantô were allowed. So Takahashi went to study at the University, and he also did his first manga work. His first serial was 'IIHITO', which started in 1997 and drawn in a "shojo" (men's manga) style. With his second series, 'Saishûheiki Kanojo' ('The Ultimate Weapon'), he took on a more science fiction approach. Takahashi's third serial is 'Kimi no Kakera' ( 'Your Fragment').

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