Kaze to Ki No Uta, by Keiko TakemiyaKaze to Ki No Uta, by Keiko Takemiya

Keiko Takemiya is a pioneer in the shounen-ai (young men love) genre. Her illustrated version of Gilbert Cocteau's poem 'The Poem of the Wind and the Trees' ('Kaze to Ki No Uta'), published in Shougakukan's Flower Comics in 1976, is considered the first in the genre. Takemiya debuted in 1968 with 'Ringo Tobira' in Margaret. Just like Moto Hagio, Takemiya is part of the group known as "Magnificent Twenty-Four-Year Group", a group of talented female mangaka who revolutionized the shoujo genre, by introducing issues as gender and sexuality. She has also written science fiction, such as the 1977 anime series 'Toward the Terra'. In 1992, she began the serial 'Tenma no Ketsuzoku'.

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