Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi

Naoko Takeuchi is an internationally well-known mangaka from Tokyo, Japan, who is best known for her manga and anime serial 'Sailor Moon'. She graduated from Kyoritsu University of Pharmacy with a degree in chemistry. She became a licensed pharmacist, but also debuted as a mangaka with the award-winning 'Love Call' at Kodansha. She worked on several one-shots, including 'Rain Kiss', until she began her first serial, 'Maria' (1989-90). This was followed by the skating serial 'The Cherry Project' (1990-91) and eventually the space manga 'Codename: Sailor V' (1991-97).

She later reworked the series into the popular sequel 'Sailor Moon' (1992-97), which has been made into an anime, several films, stage musicals, video games, and a live action series called 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon'. She set up her own company Princess Naoko Planning to control her 'Sailor Moon' properties. She also began new serials like 'PQ Angels' (1997), 'Toki*Meka!' (2001, 2005-06), and 'Love Witch' (2002).

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