Jack & Jill, by H.M. Talintyre

H. M. Talintyre was the artist of the 'Uncle Oojah' feature, that appeared on the front page of The Oojah's Paper, during the interbellum. The Oojah's Paper was a children's supplement of the Daily Mail, and the title strip was written by Flo Lancaster and initially drawn by Thomas Maybank, from whom Talintyre took over in 1929. Talintyre also drew 'Uncle Oojah' for the weekly comics Playhour, Pictures and Jack & Jill up until the 1950s, when the feature was called 'Jerry, Don and Snooker'. Another comic by Talintyre is 'Jack and Jill', which appeared in TV Comic.

Jack & Jill, by H.M. TalintyreJack & Jill, by H.M. Talintyre

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