Mickey Mouse, by Carla Regalado Teixido
Cartoon by Catrinus Tas, published in the 'Davidsfonds Kartoonboek 2', 1968 (Belgium).

Catrinus Tas was a Dutch gag cartoonist, whose drawings appeared in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool and several international magazines and anthologies. He signed his work with his first name, Catrinus.

Early life and career
Catrinus Nicolaas Tas was born in 1929 in Aalsmeer, a town in the Northern province North Holland. His father worked in the blossoming local flower growing industry, where his son initially joined him. At age 21, Catrinus Tas enrolled at the Amsterdam Arts and Crafts School (Kunstnijverheidsschool), where he finetuned his drawings skills under the guidance of graphic artist Piet van Wijngaerdt. In 1951, Tas saw his first gag cartoons published in the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, where they appeared alongside those of Yrrah.

International career
After a while, Tas became a traveling man, first settling in Spain and then in South Africa, where his parents had moved. As a cartoonist, he also branched out internationally. In 1955, drawings by Tas were published in the New York 'Cartoon Treasure' anthology by Double Day & Company. They also appeared in international magazines like Punch (UK). In Germany, Tas' cartoons were collected in 'Lachen mit Catrinus' (Hyperion, 1964) and 'Wer sein Bett liebt' (Fackelträger, 1964), a booklet that also contained five 'Kronkels' columns by the Amsterdam chonicler of everyday life, Simon Carmiggelt. By the time he returned to Netherlands, he saw his cartoons collected in the booklet 'Aardig Zijn Voor De Beesten' (De Arbeiderspers, 1966). For the same publisher, he also illustrated books like 'Het Rad van Avontuur' (1960) by Wim Hora Adema and Annie M.G. Schmidt.

In 1960, Tas was one of the fourteen international artists to win a silver medal in the Cartoonists of Peace contest of the People to People Program, an idealogical organization dedicated to promoting peace through trade, industry and art. Among the jury members were U.S. president Eisenhower and the future president John F. Kennedy.

In 1971, Catrinus Tas, known for his gentle depictions of the human weaknesses, died in his hometown Amsterdam, at age 42.

Catrinus Tas is awarded his medal from the People to People Program (Het Parool, 28 October 1960).

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