Tempus Todd, by H. Weston Taylor

Born in Pennsylvania, H. (Henry) Weston Taylor studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. He was the illustrator of 'Tempus Todd', one of the first newspaper comic strips to star an adult black man. The strip, written by Octavus Roy Cohen, began its run in 1923. Taylor worked as an illustrator for the Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping.

Taylor was a comic book artist through Funnies Inc in the early 1940s and worked on features for Centaur Comics ('Dash Hartwell', 'Dr. Synthe', 'The King of Darkness'), Novelty ('Lucky Bird') and Quality Comics ('Ace of Space', 'Counterspy', 'John Law', 'The Scarlet Seal', 'Wizard Wells'), often in collaboration with Harry Campbell.

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