Lomm, by TBC

Tomaz Lavric, better known as TBC, is probably the most successful contemporary Slovanian comic author. Born in Ljubljana, he went to study painting at the Ljubljana Art Academy. He cancelled his education at the academy to become an illustrator for the Mladina magazine in 1987. Since then, he has worked as an illustrator, comic artist and political cartoonist. Most of his work has appeared in Mladina, such as his political strip 'Diareja'. In this comic, Lavric has given comments on Slovenian politics since 1988. In addition, he has contributed to Stripburger. For this magazine, he created a series of short stories, called 'The Blind Sun' ('Slepo Sonce'), which were collected in an album by Republika Strip in 2004.

Slepo Sonce, by Tomaz Lavriz

In addition to 'Diareja', he has published albums like 'Rdeci Alarm' ('Red Allert', 1996), 'Ratman' (1997) and 'Bosanske Basni' ('Bosnian Fables', 1997). In 1998, his work was noted by the French publisher Glénat, and Lavric became the first Slovenian artist to have his works published in a foreign language. The French version of his impressive story about the war on the Balkans, 'Fables de Bosnie', won him the Grand Prix at the International Comics Festival in the Swiss town Sierre and the Silver Lion award by the Comic Strip centre in Brussels.

Slepo Sonce, by Tomaz Lavriz

Glénat offered him to present more of his projects to the French audience, which resulted in the publications of 'La Cavele de Lézard' and 'Temps Nouveaux'. He then drew the fourth issue in Frank Giroud's project 'Le Décalogue' in 2001: 'Le Serment'. After that, he started two series: the black road-movie story 'Evropa' and the barbaric fantasy 'Lomm'.

Le Serment, by TBC

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