Malika Secouss, by Téhem
Malika Secouss

Born in the suburbs of Paris, Téhem moved to the Isle of Réunion at age 5. He lived there until he was 15, and then he moved back to the city to start an artistic education. He became a teacher in Plastic Arts at the Zone d'Éducation Prioritaire, before obtaining a position as a drawing teacher on the island. Besides his work as a teacher, Téhem started drawing comics and cooperated on local magazines like Le Cri du Margouillat. His comic series 'Tiburce' was published in creole by Le Centre du Monde between 1996 and 2001, and then by Glénat from 2010.

Tiburce by Téhem

He gained a larger audience with his series for magazine Tchô! and Éditions Glénat, such as 'Malika Secouss' (1998-2008) and 'Lovely Planet', a silent gag strip about a backpack tourist and a comical cartoon guide to the world in one (2005-2009). He additionally makes the series 'Zap Collège for Okapi. Téhem's award-winning series is also published in book format by Glénat since 2001.

Zap College by Téhem
Zap College

He wrote the 7th book in the 'Marie Frisson' series for Olivier Supiot (Glénat, 2005), and was also the scriptwriter of 'Root' for artist Xavier between 2007 and 2009. Téhem was the driving force behind the collective book 'Petites Histoires de Mazé', a collection of comic stories about the commune of Mazé, in 2012. For Des Bulles dans l'Océan, he chronicled his childhood memories from the Isle of La Réunion in the one shot 'Quartier Western', and he released the adult humor book 'Zizi, Zezette' with Luc Chevallier, both in 2010.

Quartier Western by Téhem
Quartier Western

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