De Harem van de Farao, by Tejlor
Harem van de Farao

Téjlor is the pseudonym of a comic artist from Hungary, who started to work for international publishers in 2004. He made comic strips for the Virtuagirls homepage, and cartoons for the Polish Dobry humor magazine. His ten albums were published by Sombrero Media in The Netherlands.

striptease comic by Tejlor

These included books like 'Harem van de Farao', 'Graaf Vlad' and 'Donau Girls', as well as sexy comics about erotic stars like Sunny Leone, Kim Holland and Hot Marijke. Tejlor also made installments in the 'Rooie Oortjes' series (2011-2012). He also works for E.F. Edizioni in Italy and the DarkBrain webcomic site.

Pun, by Tejlor

Sombrero covers by Tejlor
Tejlor's Sombrero books

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