Marshall, by Jean-Florian Tello

Jean-Florian Tello studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Valence, where he studied graphic design and multimedia. He felt the academy wasn't his thing, so he decided have a try at comics at the ESI (École Superieure de l'Image) of Angoulême. This didn't work out well, so Tello was about to return to Valence, when he met the scenarist Denis-Pierre Filippi at a festival. They started a collaboration, which resulted in the 'Marshall' series, that appeared at Humanoïdes Associés from 2002. Tello has also illustrated an episode of 'La Geste des Chevaliers Dragons' written by Ange at Vents d'Ouest. Jean-Florian Tello died in the night of 31 December 2003 and 1 January 2004, at the age of only 25.

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