L-Manyak Sehitleri by Memo Tembelcizer
L-Manyak Sehitleri

Memo Tembelçizer is a Turkish cartoonist who has been a regular contributor to magazines like Lombak, Penguen, L-Manyak, HBR Maymun, Girgir and Pismis Kelle. He enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts in 1989. During this period he also published his first cartoons in Limon magazine and a little later on also in Pişmiş Kelle. He has been an illustrator and cartoonist for newspapers and economical magazines since 1994.

His work is characterized for its violent nature and for its semi-autobiographical slant. This is best seen in his 1990s comic 'L-Manyak Sehitleri' ('The Martyrs of L-Manyak'), a series in which the main characters (the artist and his cartooning colleagues) always end up dead. Tembelçizer continued the series when he moved over to Lombak magazine, now under the title 'Lombak Sehitleri' and with a more SF approach.

Other serials by Tembelçizer are 'Memo' ('Memo the Poet'), 'Ben Bir Essegim' ('I am a Donkey'), and the caricature serial 'Yagli Gecmis Zaman'. His work has been collected in books, including the 'Sehitleri' series and 'Biraz da Yigrenelim'. He is one of the driving forces behind the weekly magazine Uykusuz, for which he creates the comic serial 'Makul Koca Memoşko, yenilginin kisa tarihi' (Little Memo the Good Husband, a short history of defeat').

comic art by Memo Tembel Çizer


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