Légende des Nuées Écarlates, by Saverio Tenuta

Saverio Tenuta was born in Rome in 1969. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and started a career as a graphic artist. He drew short comics and covers for various Italian publishers. To specialize himself, he attended the International School of Comics in Rome, after which he also started teaching courses at this school.

Tenuta worked on a number of series and magazines, including 'Arthur King', 'Intrepido', Playmen Comix and Il Corvo Presenta. His first graphic novel, 'Graze - risvegli di ghiaccio', was published at Phoenix and written by Otto Gabos.

His work was picked up in the United States by publisher Sirius, for which he did several trading cards, covers and short stories, among others for the series 'Tombstone Girls'. He also worked for magazine Heavy Metal. For DC Comics, he worked on 'JLA: Riddle of the Beast'. In 2006, the first of his own series 'Légende des Nuées Écarlates' appeared in France.

Légende des Nuées Écarlates, by Saverio Tenuta

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