Scorchy Smity, by John Terry (1931)

John Terry is the creator of the aviation comic 'Scorchy Smith'. Terry himself was a former animator and editorial cartoonist, and also the brother of Paul Terry, the famous animator and founder of Terrytoons. John had succeeded his brother on the San Francisco Call-Examiner comic strip 'Have You Seen Alonzo?' for two months in 1910. Terry created 'Scorchy Smith', who was modeled after Charles Lindbergh, for AP Newsfeatures in 1930. In 1933, John Terry became stricken with tuberculosis, so a young staff artist, Noel Sickles, was called upon to ghost the strip. After Terry's death the following year, Sickles was allowed to sign his own name, starting in December 1935.

Scorchy Smith, by John Terry

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