Bloody Mary, by Jean Teulé
Comic art by Jean Teulé. 

Jean Teulé started his career in comics in 1978, after years of experience as an illustrator. He didn't draw in the original sense; he took a photograph or a photocopy, and changed it with colors and pencil in a manner similar to the work of Andy Warhol. Most of his comics were published in L'Écho des Savanes, most notably 'Virus' (1980), 'Banlieu Sud' (1981) and 'Bloody-Mary' (1982). He expressed his more poetic visions in albums such as 'Gens de France' and 'Gens d'Ailleurs'. Apart from creating comics, this busy man has worked for French television, and he has also started writing novels.

He was one of several artists to make a graphic contribution to 'Pepperland’ (1980), a collective comic book tribute to the store Pepperland, to celebrate its 10th anniversary at the time. 

Virus, by Jean Teulé

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