Frank and Ernest by Tom Thaves
'Frank and Ernest', 2013.

Tom Thaves is a U.S. comic artist, best-known for continuing his father's gag-a-day comic 'Frank and Ernest' since 2006. 

Life and career
Tom Thaves is the son of newspaper cartoonist Bob Thaves, the creator of the newspaper comic 'Frank & Ernest'. Little is known about Tom's life prior to his association with his father's strip. In 1997, he started assisting his father on his signature series, about the two happy-go-lucky tramps Frank and Ernest. When Bob Thaves died in 2006, Tom became his successor. As of today, 'Frank and Ernest' is still syndicated by Universal Press Syndicate to over 1,000 newspapers.

Bob Thaves continues the feature in collaboration with a production team, sometimes recycling artwork from earlier comic strips. Among the contributing gag writers and ghost artists have been Duck Edwing, Sam Hurt and Don Dougherty. Bob's sister Sara Thaves is founder and co-owner of The Cartoonist Group, a licensing company representing editorial cartoonists and comic strip creators. The firm also manages the licensing of the 'Frank and Ernest' strip by father and son Thaves.

Frank and Ernest by Tom Thaves
'Frank and Ernest', 2015.

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