Caesar by Tim

William Timym was an Austrian artist, who eventually became famous in the UK in several fields of art. He grew up in Vienna and studied at the Vienna Academy of Art. In Austria, he had several exhibitions and also drew a comic strip called 'The Boss'. His comic was distributed to mainly Czechoslovakia and the Scandinavian countries by Fritz Gottesmann's Diana Edition. When Timym fled Austria in 1938 because of the Nazi occupation, the agency asked the Dutch artist Marten Toonder to ghost 'The Boss' from then on.

Comic strip by Tim

Timym settled in England, where he took up cartooning again. He was the artist of several British pantomime comics under the Cooper Features London label, using the pen name Tim. His most famous series, about the big dog 'Caesar', appeared from 1946 in the Sunday Dispatch. Other series he created during the 1940s and 1950s were 'Bim Bam and Boom', 'Oh Casimir!', 'Wuff, Tuff & Snuff', 'Sniff' and again, 'The Boss'. His character Humphrey appeared in the magazine Woman.

Tim was also active in the television field, working as an animator on the cartoon series 'Bleep and Booster' and 'Bengo the Boxer'. He's also well known for his realistic wildlife sculptures, among others for the London Zoo.

Bleep and Booster, by William Tymym

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