Genevieve de Brabant
Genoveva van Brabant (Kuifje 49, 1947)

Tonet Timmermans is a Belgian illustrator and painter, born in Lier, near Antwerp. She is the daughter of writer Félix Timmermans, and the sister of comics artist Gommaar Timmermans. She is the first female author to work for the comics magazine Tintin. She made several cover illustrations as well as a comics biography of 'Geneviève de Brabant', which appeared in the early issues of both the Flemish and Walloon editions of the magazine (1947-1948). She also illustrated her brother's text stories 'Tuurken Den Dol bij de Turken' (1950) and 'Hoe Piet Pladijs de Geheimzinnige Zee van Nova Zembla ontdekte' (1950) for Kuifje, and 'Jan Zevenslag' (1950), 'Kroes' (1950), 'De Opperdief' (1950), 'Malle Hans' (1950) and 'Scheve Nante' (1951) for Ons Volkske.

Tonet Timmermans
Tonet in an artist presentation in Kuifje 39, 1947

Tonet later spent several years in South-Africa. The country was the subject of many of her paintings, but also Belgian towns (like her birthtown Lier), flowers and portraits have appeared on her canvas. Ranked among the so-called naïve painters, she has exhibited throughout Flanders, both alone and with her brother Gommaar. She eventually settled at the Flemish coast in Oostende.

Cover by Tonet Timmermans

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