Mallard Fillmore, by Bruce Tinsley

Bruce Tinsley is an American cartoonist and TV journalist, born in Louisville, Kentucky. When he was 17, he won an editorial-cartooning contest sponsored by a weekly newspaper in Louisville. First prize was a job as the newspaper's editorial cartoonist. Besides creating politically incorrect cartoons, he has also been a journalism grad student, a reporter, copy editor and an editorial writer for newspapers from Missouri to Washington D.C.

He is however also well-known as the creator of the King Features syndicated strip about the conservative reporter-duck 'Mallard Fillmore'. Tinsley created the character as a mascot for the entertainment section of The Daily Progress. However, the editors didn't like Tinsley's conservative bias, so he was fired. Luckily, the Washington Times allowed Tinsley to continue Mallard in its commentary section and later its comic pages in 1992.

Tinsley's strip is now distributed by King Features to 400 newspapers throughout the USA. The conservative comic strip is frequently the target of debate, largely because of its critical depictions of blacks, Jews, Muslims, feminists, immigrants, gays, and transgender people.

Mallard Fillmore, by Bruce Tinsley

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