Jip van den Toorn's visual column for De Volkskrant of 10 May 2022, which won her the 2022 Inktspotprijs. A then-and-now situation about human hypocrisy in times of climate change. The caption says: "Brenda had decided to become more environmentally conscious." In the second panel, Brenda says: "Actually, this isn't acceptable..."

Jip van den Toorn is a Dutch illustrator and cartoonist, known for her bi-weekly visual columns for newspaper De Volkskrant.

Early life
Jip van den Toorn was born in Amsterdam in 1993. Her father is actor Dick van den Toorn (b.1960), and her paternal grandmother is actress Kitty Janssen (b.1930). When Jip was only one week old, she appeared as baby Lola Raaspit in the VPRO comedy series 'We Zijn Weer Thuis' by Wim T. Schippers. Her "acting" career was limited to this single role: instead, she studied Illustration at the Utrecht School of the Arts, where she graduated in 2016. Since then, Van den Toorn has been making illustrations and other artwork for newspapers and opinion magazines in both The Netherlands and Belgium. In terms of cartooning, she is a great admirer of Kamagurka.

Dividing her time between Amsterdam and Berlin, Jip van den Toorn's artwork has appeared in newspaper Het Parool, the V magazine supplement of newspaper De Volkskrant, the TV guide VPRO Gids and the Flemish daily De Standaard. In 2017, she began making illustrations for the weekly column of Lisa Bouyeure in the Dutch opinion magazine Vrij Nederland. Among her other assignments were for the Cineville movie blog, Amnesty International and the 2018 Into The Great Wide Open festival on the island of Vlieland.

"Horror films in 2020".Visual column published in De Volkskrant on 16 May 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since April 2020, Van den Toorn makes visual columns for newspaper De Volkskrant, first once and then twice a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays). In one or more images, she gives new insights into current affairs, or an alternative look at things, without pushing her own opinion. Her cartoons also give more timeless impressions of human relations and how we interact with each other and the world.

Other activities
In 2022, Jip van den Toorn also gained notability as one of the finalists in the Dutch TV show 'De Slimste Mens'. She is also an avid kickboxer.

In 2018, the Association of Illustrators gave Van den Toorn its annual World Illustration Award in the category "New Talent Experimental" for her cushions with embroidered genitalia (an experiment in visual storytelling without paper that plays with the expectations of embroidery). In the following year, the Fiep Westendorp Foundation awarded her the 2019 Fiep Westendorp Incentive Prize. Van den Toorn's cartoon about environmental awareness, published in De Volkskrant on 10 May 2022, won her the 2022 Inktspotprijs for cartoonists. She received the Inktspotprijs on 28 September 2022. At 29, she was not only the first female, but also the youngest cartoonist to win the award.

"Luckily, the sleepless nights aren't monotonous".


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