Jan Karta, by Rodolfo Torti

After his studies in cinematography, Rodolfo Torti started a career in painting (under the pseudonym Guglielmi) and advertising. He made his first comics in the early 1970s for Croce di Guerra and Nuovo Flash. He began a collaboration with the publishing house Lancio in 1974. At this publishing house, he created numerous stories for the magazines Lanciostory and Skorpio. Among his early comics are 'La Nuova Fronteria' with scripts by the Argentinian writer Gabriel Barnes, and the comical series 'Yeti' scripted by Marco Di Tillo. In 1978, he started contributing to Il Giornalino, a magazine for which he created the series 'Jackson Ranch', 'Firemen' (written by Roberto Dal'Pra) and 'Rosco e Sonny' (text by Claudio Nizzi).

Weimar, by Rodolfo Torti

He continued his cooperation with Marco Di Tillo in Il Giorno with several comic biographies of jazz musicians in the series 'I Grandi del Jazz'. Torti began his most famous series, 'Jan Karta', in Orient-Express in 1983, again in cooperation with Dal'Pra. This series, situated in the 1920s and 1930s, was continued in Comic Art after the disappearance of Orient-Express. For that same magazine, Torti started the series 'Rudy X' in cooperation with Franco Saudelli and Massimo Rotundo under the collective pseudonym Tortelli. From 1986 to 1995, Torti was the artistic director of Comic Art magazine. Torti cooperated with the French publisher Dargaud on the series 'Léo Greco', again written by Dal'Pra.

Leo Greco, by Rodolfo Torti

He joined the magazine L'Eternauta in 1990 with the series 'Johnson' with text by Ottavio De Angelis. In addition, Torti illustrated some episodes of the series 'Nick Raider' and 'Martin Mystère' at Bonelli. During the 1990s, he still worked for Il Giornalino, doing a comic adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Il Giro del Mondo in 80 Giorni', as well as 'La Storia del Cinema a Fumetti'.

Martin Mystère, by Rodolfo Torti

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