Comic Creator Daniel Traver Griñó

Daniel Traver Griñó

Daniel Aparici Traver, Danielo, State Keto, El K

(2 April 1931 - 17 March 2008, Spain)   Spain

Daniel  Traver Griñó

1x2 El Extraterrestre, by Daniel Traver Grino
1x2 el Extraterrestre

Daniel Traver Griñó was a painter, he worked on advertising and he did illustrations, comics and gag cartoons. He did his first comics for publisher Valenciana in the 1950s. Their subjects were such as war and romance and Traver Griñó signed them as Daniel Aparici. After that he entered Bruguera where he used a humorous style. He contributed to such Bruguera magazines as DDT, Pulgarcito, Din Dan, Tío Vivo and Sacarino. He used his pseudonym State Keto at Bruguera.

In the 1970s he drew such characters as the auxiliary male nurses 'Batistet y Olegario', the gold prospectors 'Sam Bory y el Telesforo', '1X2 el Extraterrestre', 'Tontáinez', 'El Tonto del Pueblo' and 'Don Florencio', all of them for Bruguera. M. Arrufat and F. Pérez Navarro provided some of the scripts.
By means of Creaciones Editoriales, an international agency related to Bruguera, Traver Griñó drew 'Bugs Bunny', 'Porky Pig' and many other Warner Bros. characters. In the 1980s and the 1990s Traver Griñó's fine art works won him several awards. During his career he also contributed to newspapers like Marca and Mediterráneo and magazines like El Cochinillo Feroz.

Batistet y Olegario, by Daniel Traver Grino
Batistet y Olegario

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