Toon en Toos Brodeloos 6, from VPRO-Gids #31, 1976

Joost Troost was active as a comic artist and cartoonist in at least the 1970s. He was born in the Bavarian town of Memmingen, Germany. He drew the comic story 'A Tragedy' for the fifth issue of Suck magazine in 1971, while his illustrations appeared in the satirical sex magazine Gandalf and the political humor magazine Profumo. He was one of the artists involved in the 'Toon en Toos Brodeloos' strip, which a team of seven artists produced in 1976 for VPRO-Gids, the magazine of broadcasting company VPRO. Each episode was a satirical story about one of the Dutch broadcasting companies, drawn by a different artist. Troost did the one about the Evangelical Broadcasting (EO), while the other artists were Joost Swarte (AVRO), Evert Geradts (KRO), Rob Gorter (NCRV), Harry Buckinx (VPRO), Aart Clerkx (VARA) and Fred Julsing (TROS). The stories were collected in a book by Har van Fulpen's Drukwerk in 1976. Troost also provided the comics and illustrations for 'Mr. Pinto's Basis Agenda 79/80', a school diary published by Centripress. He was also the editor for 'Zwaar Metaal' (1982), the Dutch version of Métal Hurlant.

Cover illustration by Joost Troost for VPRO Gids #26, 1993, referring to an article by Peter Bulthuis about Lewis Carroll. (Image courtesy of Coenraad Coster, maintainer of

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