The Spider, by Timothy Truman
Master of Men! The Spider (1991)

A 1981 Kubert School graduate, Timothy Truman is an original artist of both mainstream and independent comic books. He began his career doing backup stories in DC's Sgt. Rock. In the independent scene, Truman introduced the character Grimjack, co-created with John Ostrander in the Starslayer anthology in 1983. The comic was a mixture of pulp fiction and science fiction. His other independent comic was the 1985 series 'Scout', a series set against the background of a post-holocaust United States.

Jonah Hex, by Timothy Truman
Jonah Hex

Tim Truman continued his career for DC with the revival of the Hawkman character in 'Hawkworld'. The creator's interest in the western genre led him to write, draw and self publish the graphic novel 'Wilderniss'. He continued in this genre with 'Lansdale' and DC's 'Jonah Hex' (both with writer Joe R. Lansdale). With the same writer, Truman created episodes of 'The Lone Ranger' and 'Tonto' for Topp Comics, as well as 'Dead Folks'. He has also done projects for Acclaim Comics ('Turok'), Dark Horse ('Star Wars') and DC ('The Kents').

Scout, by Timothy TrumanScout, by Timothy Truman

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