comic art by Yoshiharu Tsuge

Yoshiharu Tsuge was born on the isle of Oshima and raised by his mother. He made his comic debut in 1953 with various creations, like 'Fukuwajutsushi' (the story of a ventriloquist) and 'Nezumi'. His short story 'Numa' surprised his public and was praised with enthusiasm by intellectuals. In his pages, he used a sophisticated and personal type of storytelling that intermingled dream with reality. His style influenced a lot of artists, which can be clearly seen in the magazine Garo. His comic credits include 'Neji-Shiki' and 'L'Usine d'√Čtamage de Oba'.¬†In the 1980s his work was introduced to an international audience by appearing in Raw.

Red Flowers, by Yoshiharu Tsuge (RAW #7, 1984)

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