comic art by Yoshitoshi Tsukiokacomic art by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka

In 1850, Yoshitoshi Tsukioka became a pupil of the famous master Kuniyoshi Utagawa. He made his debut in 1853, illustrating a famous Heike story. In 1866, Yoshitoshi Tsukioka and Yoshiiku Ochiai created the 'Eimei Nijuhasshuku' ('The Sadistic Collection of Blood') series. In the same year, Tsukioka worked on 'Kaidai Hyakusenso' ('The Collection of Death Art') and in 1872, he started 'Ikkai Zuihitsu' ('The Collection of Monster Art'). Recovered from a nervous breakdown in 1873, Tsukioka produced many important works, including his series on the Seinan Senso in 1877, 'Dainihon Meisho Kagami' in 1878 and 'Tsuki Hyakusha' in 1885. Yoshitoshi Tsukioka was committed to a mental institution in 1891, where he died the next year.

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